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Routines for Parents to Help Kids Escape Homework Stress

Transitioning to going back to school can be a challenge for both parents and kids. What adds weight to it is going back to doing homework. Research says that the majority of parents and guardians think educators give their kids more than enough homework. Another percentage of the parents admit that they hardly understand the assignment their children bring back home. Other parents say that children should receive none if not a tiny amount of homework. A smaller percentage conclude that they do their kid's homework on their behalf. As other schools implement banning of assignment, in most schools homework still carry the day. How can we go about homework?

Making Homework Predictable

You should ensure you have a specific time and place to do the assignments. By having a consistent routine, your brain gets to train and prepare for study and homework. The brain starts anticipating, then gathers and prepares itself to switch to homework mode. Parents should ensure their children see homework as a natural habit. Children do not have to feel like it is a decision. So, when they have that mentality, they cannot put it off.

Setting Up Distraction-Free, Organized Spaces

As a parent, ensure that your child finds a conducive environment here. Such spaces will make your kid more productive every day. Also, consider making sure that your kid has the necessary accessories they need to study. These accessories may range from geometrical sets, erasers, paper, rulers, or other aiding materials. So, parents and students should put noise and temperature, and lighting into consideration. A student should ensure they study in a clean environment by constantly cleaning surfaces.

Taking Five for Mindfulness

Kids should take breaks before beginning to do homework. These breaks will help them refocus and relax. At this time, you should breathe in and out as it helps in settling the mind. These breaks can be about three to ten minutes. They do not need to have a limit.

Creating Timetable/Schedule

Both children and their parents should sit down and come up with a working homework timetable on paper. It will help relieve the kid's anxiety and always know what they need to do. You should consider putting the assignments that are due earlier sooner, giving them a priority. By doing this, you gain the confidence and momentum to carry out the rest of the homework. Note that the schedule should not be on a digital platform but a physical paper planner. The chances of keeping track of homework on these planners are higher than on digital platforms.

Gathering Tiny Pieces to Add up to Larger Projects

Projects that have long due dates may be overwhelming to students sometimes. They may be research papers, science experiments, or books. To make these projects look easier, break them down into small portions. Parents should ensure they educate their children on the importance of this process. The resulting project may lead to getting higher grades. Why do we say this? The child will have more time to review the project. After doing the review, they will make the necessary adjustments.

Parents should try making their kids realize the importance of homework. Teamwork leads to success.


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